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B - Amber & Silver Heart Bracelet

B - Ball & Chain Bracelet

B - Ball Charm Bracelet

B - Chain Bracelet

B - Childs Heart Bracelet

B - Chunky Chain Bracelet

B - Dainty Bracelet

B - Daisy & Ring Bracelet

B - Ethnic Charm Bracelet Sep09

B - Flower & Twisted Link Bracelet

B - Hammered Link Bracelet

B - Hammered Square Link Bracelet

B - Heart on Fine Bracelet

B - PMC Hearts on Squares bracelet

B - Scroll and Ball Bracelet

B - Silver Ball Bracelet

B - Tablet Link Bracelet

B - Textured Silver Square Link Bracelet

B - Twisted Link Bracelet

BA - Bangles with links

BA - Double Bangle with Heart

BA - Flower bead on a bangle

BA - Glass bead on a bangle

BA - Hammered Heart Bangle

BA - Plain Bangles

BA - Pleated Bangle

BA - Silver beads on a bangle

BA - Square on 3 bangles

BA - Triple Bangle with Gold and Silver Hearts

BA - Triple Bangle with Pillow Heart

BA - Twisted Bangle

BR - Pin Brooch

BR - Seaside Brooch

C - Anchor Cufflinks

C - Pair of Dice Cufflinks

E - Amber & Silver Heart Earrings

E - Amethyst Earrings

E - Daisy Earrings

E - Double Ball Drop Earrings

E - Double Heart Hoop Earrings

E - Drop Heart Earrings

E - Feather & Turquoise Earrings

E - Fold Strip Earrings

E - Hammered Bead Earrings

E - Hammered Heart Stud Earrings

E - Hammered Hoop Earrings

E - Hammered Hoops Earrings

E - Heart Earrings on Spindle

E - Heart Twist Earrings

E - Lentil Bead Drop Earrings

E - Quartz & Silver Drop Earrings

E - Ridged Earrings

E - Scroll Decorated Earrings

E - Silver Pebble Earrings

E - Spiral Twist Earrings

E - Star & Bead Earrings

E - Star topped disc earrings

E - Tablet Earrings

E - Toadstool Earrings

E - Turquoise & Silver Heart Earrings

E - Twisted Oval Earrings

E - Twisted Rod Earrings

Hammered Hoop Bracelet

Lapis Lazuli Drop Pendant

N - Aztec Style Pendant

N - Beaten Heart Choker

N - Brushed Silver Heart Pendant

N - Butterfly in Circle Pendant

N - Daisy necklace jan09

N - Daisy Pendant

N - Dragonfly pendant

N - Enamelled Peacock Feather

N - Enamelled Sailboat Pendant

N - Fairy in Oval Pendant

N - Flower Petal Pendant

N - Fuchsia Pendant

N - Gecko Pendant

N - Gold on Silver Heart Pendant

N - Hammered Square Link Pendant

N - Heart on Heart Pendant

N - Hearts on Heatr Pendant

N - Hollow Heart Pendant

N - Ivy Leaf Pendant

N - Lapis Lazuli Drop Pendant

N - Large Butterfly Necklace

N - Leaf on Twig Necklace

N - Leaf Pendant

N - Leaves on Twig Necklace

N - PMC Leaf Pendant

N - PMC Rose on Frame Necklace

N - Ridged Earrings

N - Silver wrapped wand

N - Small Butterfly Necklace

N - Square Fairy Pendant

N - Tablet Link Pendant

N - Textured Silver Square Link Pendant

N - Thunderbolt Pendant

N - Tribal Pendant

N - Turquoise Cabachon Drop Pendant

N - Yacht Pendant

R - Amazonite on Square Shield Ring

R - Amazonite Twist Ring

R - Amber Ring

R - Amber Wide Band Ring

R - Amber Wrap Ring

R - Amethyst Cabachon Wrap Ring

R - Amethyst Twist Ring

R - Black Onyx Oval Ring

R - Blue CZ Adjustable Ring

R - Blue Lace Agate Ring

R - Blue Topaz wrap ring

R - Bobble Flower Ring

R - Bobble Top Ring

R - Buckle Ring

R - Charoite Cabachon High Top Ring

R - Cubic Zirconia Wide Ring

R - Cubic Zirconia Wrap Ring

R - CZ Twisted Claw Set Ring

R - Faceted Amethyst Wrap Ring

R - Flower on Wide Band Ring

R - Flower Top Ring

R - Flower topped Wrap ring

R - Garnet Cabachon Ring

R - Green Enamelled Square Ring

R - Hammered Silver Ball Wrap Ring

R - Hematite Wide Band Ring

R - Jade Cabachon Ring

R - Jade Ring

R - Jade Wrap Ring

R - Lapis Lazuli Ring

R - Lapis Lazuli Wide Band Ring

R - Large CZ Wide Band Ring

R - Leaf Ring

R - Leaf Wrap wide Band Ring

R - Moonstone Ring

R - Narrow Band CZ Ring

R - Peridot Crown Set Ring

R - Pink Enamelled Flower Ring

R - Pink Opal Wide Band Ring

R - PMC Ring inset with CZ

R - PMC Ring with amethyst stone

R - PMC Rose Ring

R - PMC with dichroic glass

R - Rose Quartz Wrap Ring

R - Ruby Crystal Cabachon Ring

R - Scroll Rings

R - Silver Hoops & Ball Ring

R - Smoky Quartz Ring

R - Snake Ring

R - Spinel Wrap Ring

R - Square Lapiz Lazuli Ring

R - Square Sandstone Double Band Ring

R - Tourmaline Narrow Band Ring

R - Tourmaline Ring

R - Turqoise Ring

R - Turquoise Coiled Ring

R - Turquoise High Shank Ring

R - Turquoise on Five Band Ring

R - Turquoise Wrap Ring

T - Pearl & Crystal Flower Tiara